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Weighted Fluffy Whip

Weighted Fluffy Whip

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These whips are 3' in length so perfect for tight quarters play. That have a tapered weighted core overlayed with our more rigid fluffy fur covering.

A unique expirience in that this is a completely thuddy whip with no sting. It can be used to thud in lightly and drag the tip in a very sensuous play across your play partners body. With a quick snap of the wrist this cuddly and sensuous whip shows its inner strengths with a hit that delivers all the weight of it core into a solid crack that leaves it's impression deep in the muscles.

A must have for any collection.


now I’m the cloud leopard print (less padding, harder bite)

(Disclaimer : All toys, accessories and apparel on this site, while high quality and sturdily made, are novelties only and not intented for bodily harm. If you use them for that purpose we accept no liability. - Exquisite legal department statement)

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