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Rubber split tongue (paddle/whip)

Rubber split tongue (paddle/whip)

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This devilish toys is such a unique pleasure. It hits deep and stingy at the same time with the grabby nature of rubber thrown in for good measure.

Remember when you were a kid running around giving friends snake bites? Ya that sensation on a partners skin! The pointed tips allow for a stinging, marking style of hit, then simply move it up a few inches for a wrap around that'll confuse their minds as they try to figure out if it's thuddy or stingy... Then do it again with a "pull through" motion and they'll forget the debate :)

(Disclaimer : All toys, accessories and apparel on this site, while high quality and sturdily made, are novelties only and not intented for bodily harm. If you use them for that purpose we accept no liability. - Exquisite legal department statement)

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