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Heart Polyurethane (flexible) marking Paddle

Heart Polyurethane (flexible) marking Paddle

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Love a good spanking? Our heart-shaped paddle is perfect for those special moments that require a more"love"ly impact! Designed for maximum sensation, marking ability, and versatility, these paddles are available in various colors to suit every scene perfectly. Plus, they glow under UV light and can be sparkly. 

But, which one to pick?

Light-hearted: Our lighter option, they provide a more surface-level, "stingyier" impact, while also leaving exquisite marks. They are also much easier to wield for a longer period of time without getting as tired

Heavy-hearted: As the name implies, these are weighted to provide a much deeper, "Thuddier" impact, and leave much more robust marks on the willing victim

Want one customized? Please contact us for options! Get your #heart-on today!

(Disclaimer : All toys, accessories and apparel on this site, while high quality and sturdily made, are novelties only and not intented for bodily harm. If you use them for that purpose we accept no liability. - Exquisite legal department statement)

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