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Demons tongue

Demons tongue

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This wonderfully vicious toy is made from 20" of hemp rope, insulated with heat shield and capped off then mounted on one of our Exquisite custom lathed handles of red oak (cherry, wenge, white oak, purple heart may be substituted by availability).

At a length of 20" there is enough flexibility in the toy to be used as a flogger with 4 independent falls rigid enough to be placed accurately for devastating affect :) or you may choose to run the bands up and use your new toys as a whippy thick cane for marking and sensation play.

Truly a versatile and beautiful toy, and one of the few we create that requires care to play lightly if that is your wish :)

(Disclaimer : All toys, accessories and apparel on this site, while high quality and sturdily made, are novelties only and not intented for bodily harm. If you use them for that purpose we accept no liability. - Exquisite legal department statement) 

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